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What Options Do I Have to Fund My Business

Founded in 1982, Critter Control quickly became the nation's leading wildlife control company.

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What Options Do I Have to Fund My Business

A Critter Control franchise opportunity can be available for as little as $5,000 down. Any balance on the franchise fee can be financed based on your credit rating, or paid down over time at the franchisee’s own discretion.

VetFran Program:  We are a member of the International Franchise Association ("IFA"), and we participate in the IFA's VetFran Program.  If you an honorably discharged veteran who meets our qualifications, we will discount the initial franchise fee by $5,000.*

Industry Discount:  We are members of the National Pest Management Association ("NPMA"), and the National Wildlife Control Operators Association ("NWCOA").  If you are a member of any one or more of these associations in good standing and who meets our qualifications for purchasing a franchise, and do not qualify for the Roll-In Discounts below, you will receive the royalty relief and software installation deferral described below.**

Roll-In Discount for Existing Similar Business:  If you have an existing business with annual gross sales of at least $50,000, that business is similar to the franchise and you agree to merge that business with the franchise and rebrand it as Critter Control, we will discount the initial franchise fee by 5% for every $10,000 in annual Gross Sales above $50,000 if your existing business agrees to "roll-in", up to a maximum discount of 50% as shown below.

Percentage Discount     Annual Gross Sales

  5%                             $50,000 -$59,999

10%                              $60,000 -$69,999

15%                              $70,000 -$79,999

20%                              $80,000- $89,999

25%                              $90,000 -$99,999

30%                              $100,000-$109,999

35%                              $110,000-$119,999

40%                              $120,000-$129,999

45%                              $130,000-$139,999

50%                              $140,000 and above


Combination and Application of Discounts: You may only receive one discount.  If you qualify for 1 or more of these discount programs, your initial franchise fee is computed using the largest of the available discounts. In all cases involving discounts of the initial franchise fee, you must meet our then current qualifications for the discount involved.  We retain the sole discretion to determine if you meet these qualifications and to terminate any initial franchise fee discount programs at any time.

**Royalty relief and software installation deferral:  In addition, for all status discounts, you will also not be obligated to pay us royalties for a period of ninety (90) days after you open for business after which period you will pay your routine royalty.  We will also allow you to defer installation of the ServiceBridge (or currently required) software until your franchise has been open for business for six (6) months.

Other Options:


Critter Control is pre-approved for SBA loans, saving time and hassle in obtaining loans that are 80% guaranteed (i.e. the federal government guarantees 80% of the loan to the bank, greatly increasing the odds of approval.) The SBA is a good source for funding. Visit their website for more information: Patriot Express Loans may also offered through the SBA’s network of participating lenders.

The SBA is not your only source for small business loans. State and local economic development agencies as well as numerous nonprofit organizations provide low-interest loans to small business owners who may not qualify for traditional commercial loans.


If you are a homeowner, a home equity loan may be right for you. If you have sufficient equity in your home, a loan on that equity is one of the easiest ways to get the money you need.


If you have good credit, you may be able to secure a line of credit from a local bank. A line of credit is a rather simple thing to obtain, can either be secured or unsecured, and usually has a low interest rate.


Small loans under $5000 are generally easy to obtain. If you have good credit, most banks will approve you for this type of loan.


Programs are available that will allow you to release funds and ‘self-direct’ your 40IK, IRA, Profit Sharing or Annuity Plan assets and make a fresh start in business - without penalties or tax consequences.


Many people have started businesses this way. They did not have the capital necessary to fund their venture and asked relatives or friends for assistance. While most start-up businesses are risky, you are asking them to invest in a proven franchise system that has been around for over 30-years!


Selling stocks or cashing in CD's is another viable option to obtain the necessary capital to start a business. With cash in hand from these transactions, you may not have to take out a loan.


Any honorably discharged or honorably discharged disabled Veteran.

  • Provide a copy of your DD214
  • Successfully pass background and credit checks
  • Maintain 51% ownership