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Why a Critter Control Franchise?

Founded in 1982, Critter Control quickly became the nation's leading wildlife control company.

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Why a Critter Control Franchise?

Critter Control's business advantages are many — including a distinctive and easily recognized brand name, a top-ranked web presence, qualified and certified personnel, mentor networking opportunities, marketing support, group purchase discounts, comprehensive initial training, important on-going training and more.

Critter Control was one of the first companies to realize the market potential for urban wildlife management; and we are the only company that has organized and expanded the concept nationwide. While there are a growing number of competitors, there is no clear #2 in the industry.



When dialed anywhere in the country, customers are connected directly with the nearest Critter Control® office.


A national marketing initiative driving traffic to both our local and corporate web sites generates leads and supports brand recognition.


The specialists at Directory Systems Group (DSG) coordinate decades of research into our national yellow page strategies, ensuring accuracy, preferred placement and top discounts for our franchisees.


Critter Control provides state-of-the-art training to its franchisees. Extensive classroom and field training, comprehensive operations manuals and hi-def training videos support your business development. Initial one-week training takes place in either our Ft. Lauderdale, Fl or Atlanta, GA training facilities. Every franchisee receives extensive initial and ongoing training, plus a start-up package that includes:

  • Industry Related Training Videos
  • Detailed Operations Manuals with Online Access
  • Advertising & Promotional Materials
  • Uniform Merchandising Materials
  • Various Customized Business Forms


Critter Control uses online and offline target marketing techniques and yellow page advertising to procure business. Proven response marketing letters and the award winning Critter Chatter® newsletters are sent out to select industry-related referral sources.


We develop long-term relationships with our franchisees through:

  • Regular communications via an in-house listserv
  • Internal Critter Chatter® Newsletters
  • Peer Support Group
  • Annual Meetings & Regional Training
  • National Critter Chatter Newsletters
  • Sales Contests
  • Experienced Marketing Support
  • Group Purchasing Discounts
  • Business Consultations … and all the other advantages of being a part of the nation's leading wildlife control firm.

New techniques, programs and products that would take others years to develop or discover are quickly disseminated through Critter Chatter newsletters, the Critter Control listserv, training programs and annual meetings. Interactions with other franchisees provide a valuable source of helpful tips and information.


Critter Control is a member of the International Franchise Association. The IFA provides information to all members on franchise development, national and state policies, international expansion, financial management, franchisor and franchisee relations and many other topics important to the industry. As a Critter Control franchisee, you can become a member of the IFA at no additional cost to you. As a member, you also have the opportunity to participate in interest groups on the IFA website. Membership also gives you the opportunity to keep up on events such as the Franchise Business Network meetings, that meet in more than 30 cities around the country, where you can meet with other franchisees from different franchise systems. Your opportunity for education and interaction with other franchisees and franchisors outside of your industry will offer you fresh ideas and insight on how to run your business.



I don't know of anything else I could have done to make as much money as I have with Critter Control. For the last 11 years, my net income was between $150,000 to $200,000 a year. Six of those years I only had one truck on the road - myself, with Bonnie running the office.

Gil Patrick (formerly CC of San Jose, CA/retired)



I owned a Critter Control Franchise in Michigan for 12 years and it allowed me to earn, save and invest enough money to meet my goal of retiring at the age of 50. I learned that I could run a successful business with hard work and by providing excellent customer service, while doing something that I thoroughly enjoyed.



Rick Stanley (formerly CC of Ann Arbor, MI/retired)



I was a franchisee for 12 years before selling the business and becoming a corporate employee. My association with Critter Control has always allowed me to make a comfortable living doing something I really enjoy while adding value to the lives of our customers, employees and their families.



Mike Dwyer (formerly CC of Columbus, OH and CC CNO/retired)



I spent 18 years with Critter Control before selling my franchise and I can’t say enough good about the experience. I love the outdoors and wildlife, so the work was very rewarding for me. One major benefit I will always cherish was having my family involved. The business also afforded us the ability to put our son through college. Company meeting’s were very informative and helped me build a successful business. They also provided our family an opportunity to vacation together at exciting destinations. I would encourage anyone to take a good look at this opportunity.



Al Chimosky (formerly CC of Traverse City, MI/retired)



Operating a Critter Control franchise wasn't what I had originally planned on after graduating from Michigan State University. However, as fate would have it, I accepted a position with Critter Control as a Branch Manager in the Fall of 1989 and discovered the work was never routine, and there was always a different challenge waiting for you each and every day. In 1991 I became a Franchise Operator and discovered that it gave me the freedom to set my own schedule and determine my own financial destiny . While there were certainly struggles at times, I always knew I had the support of the corporate office and if I ran into something I had little knowledge about, I could always tap the vast resources of the Critter Control franchise network and come up with the answer I needed. I accepted an invitation to join the Critter Control corporate staff in1997 and sold my existing franchise. The sale of my little franchise allowed me to set aside college funds for my two sons, start a nice individual retirement plan and put a little down on the purchase of a new house. I sometimes wonder what that territory would sell for today , had I put another10-years into it and had fully implemented the operating procedures that Critter Control has in place today.



Sean Carruth (formerly CC of Warren, MI/now CC VP of Communications)