Business Description & Services

The Critter Control brand operates throughout North America.

Get the Critter Control Competitive Advantage

Critter Control Certified Wildlife Specialists have the knowledge and experience to handle any wildlife animal or pest control problem. Wildlife animal control, animal removal, wildlife damage repair, pest control, and nuisance animal prevention/exclusion services are not just an afterthought at Critter Control—it’s our only line of business. Providing service to residential, commercial, and municipal customers, our job is to make your property safe and critter-free with permanent solutions to your animal pest control problems. We have the knowledge, equipment, and commitment to handle your nuisance wildlife and pest problem properly every time.

We specialize in a wide range of humane wildlife control services, including (but not limited to): bird control, mole control, squirrel control, mice control, raccoon control, bat removal, rat control, skunk removal, pest control and removal, mice removal, and several others. Our teams are also expertly trained in wildlife damage control and nuisance animal repair solutions, including attic restoration, attic insulation replacement, odor control, bat proofing, and more.

At Critter Control, residential animal control is our expertise! We specialize in the following residential animal control services: residential animal control of birds, residential animal control of bats, residential animal control of squirrels, residential animal control of raccoons, residential animal control of mice, residential animal control of rats, residential animal control of moles, residential animal control of birds, and many more. Learn more about owning a franchise.


  • Animal Removal
  • Animal Exclusion and Damage Repair
  • Recurring Services
  • Prevention Services
  • Eco-Wise Pest Control
  • Attic Remediation Including Insulation & Restoration


  • Bird Control
  • Pest Control
  • Recurring Services


The Critter Control brand operates throughout North America. Current target markets are in areas with urban population centers of 200,000+ people in a given territory, which normally consists of two to four counties. Select markets are now available in the U.S. and Canada.


Competition is divided into four main categories:

a) Traditional pest control companies deal primarily with insects and some rodents. Most do not have the tools, equipment, time, or knowledge to deal with large vertebrate pests.

b) There are tens-of-thousands of individual nuisance animal control trappers around the country. They usually do not have the licenses, permits, or insurance necessary to provide full-service animal control to the public.

c) Municipal animal control officers primarily deal with dogs and cats and are generally available only Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

d) Government wildlife damage control consists primarily of people who handle agricultural damage complaints.


Critter Control, Inc. registered the Critter Control® trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, application S.N.678,577 in 1988, and was issued a certificate of 'incontestability' in 1993. Critter Control also holds trademarks for Critter Chatter®, Protecting People, Property and Wildlife®, Eco-Wise Pest Management®, and our Raccoon Logos.