I owned a Critter Control Franchise in Michigan for 12 years. I learned that I could run a successful business with hard work and by providing excellent customer service, while doing something that I thoroughly enjoyed.
Rick Stanley (formerly CC of Ann Arbor, MI/retired)
I spent 18 years with Critter Control before selling my franchise and I can’t say enough good about the experience. I love the outdoors and wildlife, so the work was very rewarding for me.
Al Chimosky (formerly CC of Traverse City, MI/retired)
Operating a Critter Control franchise wasn't what I had originally planned on after graduating from Michigan State University. However, as fate would have it, I accepted a position with Critter Control as a Branch Manager in the Fall of 1989 and discovered the work was never routine, and there was always a different challenge waiting for you each and every day. In 1991 I became a Franchise Operator and discovered that it gave me the freedom to set my own schedule and determine my own financial destiny . While there were certainly struggles at times, I always knew I had the support of the corporate office and if I ran into something I had little knowledge about, I could always tap the vast resources of the Critter Control franchise network and come up with the answer I needed. I accepted an invitation to join the Critter Control corporate staff in 1997 and sold my existing franchise.
Sean Carruth (formerly CC of Warren, MI/now CC VP of Communications)