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We Use Simulated Environments For Training

26,000+ Sq Ft

Our Critter Control® Learning Center, a multi-million dollar training facility in Atlanta, is the wildlife control industry's state-of-the-art distance and hands-on training center. The center's approach to learning includes classes, field learning, and an interactive internet-based system that reaches employees worldwide.

Hands-On Training

The 26,000 plus-square-foot facility includes simulated environments for hands-on training during classroom instruction for all types of trainees.

The training environments include an outdoor pavilion and a full-size house.


The training environments also have a commercial kitchen, bakery, hotel room, hospital room, locker room, pharmacy, restaurant, supermarket, warehouse, dining room, bar, garden center, and roof on grade. These areas help trainees acquire an integrated wildlife control approach to service delivery, ensuring that wildlife damage is managed by the most economical means, and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.

These areas help trainees acquire an integrated wildlife control approach.
Two Areas

The first area has more than 50 learning stations, which represent various foundation types and construction materials commonly encountered by wildlife control specialists in the workplace. Learners identify construction elements, avenues for wildlife entry, conditions conducive to infestations, and treatment challenges.

The second area is a slab structure for practicing vertical drilling, horizontal drilling, and liquid/foam application.

Critter Control Service Truck
Training at the Critter Control® Learning Center will make sure that you are able to head off wildlife problems and ensure the long-term success of your service.